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About Crushtime

CrushTime is a multiplayer fighting game where all you need to do is try your best to be the player that kills the most powerful opponents!

Your goal will be to get as many different kinds of fruit as possible, which will help you grow. You will get stronger as you get bigger and bigger. This will help you beat your rivals. You just have to jump and land on top of your enemies. This will let you beat them and move up the ledger.

How to play

You can see where you stand on the global scoreboard in the menu. You can try to finish many missions that will let you make extra money. This will be used to buy upgrades that will make you a much bigger threat to your opponents. Eat food and run over other players to get bigger and more powerful. Gather keys to unlock a special group of characters. As you evolve and move up the food chain, you'll become the best crusher. with extremely beautiful and impressive game graphics, this game will bring you and your friends extremely attractive experiences.

Instructions: Move with the mouse, use the main button to jump, and the second button to dash.

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