In, a 2D platformer game in the shape of a cube, you can play jokes, build a castle, and make things.

How to play

Type in your name or a nickname to begin the game. Other people in the game will see this name. You can pick your cube from a group of cubes that are all acting differently. You can move around, jump on blocks, and fight other cubes once the game starts. Squash other cubes to get XP. Around the map, you can find weapons and other things to pick up. They also leave the guns behind when you smash them. You should get them quickly before someone else does. Some items you've gathered can also be dropped off to give them to other players.

Since this is an online game, other people will also try to attack you. You can play against everyone with your friends. The winner is the person with the most points. Get ready to punch, because you want to change the game in your favor.

Have fun and good luck!

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