About is a fantastic multiplayer io game that takes things in an unexpected direction. In this game, you are in charge of the traditional mouse pointer, and in order to advance to higher levels, you will need to find your way through a number of gray and white mazes. You will face new difficulties at each level, but you will be able to overcome them by collaborating with people from all over the globe. This will allow you to advance to the next level.

You will use nothing but pointers and the assistance of other players as you make your way through complex mazes in the game You may advance to the next level by touching the green regions; but, if you contact the red areas, you will have to begin the level all over again. Do you think you're up to the challenge? Try it out right now to find out!

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This game is an interesting version of the classic labyrinth, in which each player is required to unlock a door in order to go through the game's many pathways. Such doors signify deadly green blocks on all levels. By viewing the films that are available online, you will be able to see how they advance to higher degrees of difficulty. This is a game that may be easily won by working together with your neighbors and lending a hand to one another via collaboration and cooperation.

During the opening phase, getting to the entrance or exit shouldn't be too tough for you. On the other hand, the difficulties will only get worse in the near future. In addition, you need to expand your creative thinking in order to triumph over each obstacle in this game. There are a lot of doors, and you have to choose the one that's going to be the best for you, or else you'll have to start again and look for another door till you finish the goal.

How to Play

The game play of is easy to understand. You simply use your mouse. Gamers are required to go through the stages in the correct order and successfully conquer each new obstacle that appears. If the player comes into contact with a red wall or line, they will be forced to restart the level from the beginning, regardless of how close they were to the finish. The goal of each level is represented by the green brick at the bottom of the screen.
- The cursor is your character
- You must reach the end of the mazes and puzzles
- Do not touch the red
- Aim for the green
Note: If you struggle finding your own cursor, pay attention to the colour surrounding each one. The cursor you control does stand out quite a bit once you know what to look for.

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