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About Dark Nova

The top-down shooter game Dark Nova takes place in space and is played by teams.

How to play

Dark Nova wants to do two things. Either you have to drag an energy object to the base or you have to destroy all of the enemy ships. There are two kinds of teams: Defenders and Attackers. Attackers have to get the flag and move it to their base in the circle. Those who defend must protect the flag. The round is over if all of a team's ships are destroyed. Attackers and Defenders will switch places during this process. There is a timer, and you will only have a certain amount of time to play each round. The game is won by the team that wins the most rounds.

Dark Nova starts with the buy. To get into the shop, press Y. You can select the type of ship, make changes to it, pick guns, and get one-time super weapon ammunition. There isn't much time left, so you need to hurry through shopping and then start playing.

Have fun and good luck!

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