About a free for all ocean-based io game is called io. Your primary goal is to ascend the food chain and rule the ocean, which is similar to In order to enhance your chances of survival, you begin as an underwater person and work to grow into a bigger and stronger beast.

In the undersea environment of Deep, your main goal is to survive. At first, this can be difficult because players have already started moving up the food chain, but don't worry—there is still enough of food for everyone. Your xp meter at the bottom of the screen will fill up as you eat, and once it is full, your character will quickly transform into a new being with a variety of attributes. It's crucial to pay attention to your oxygen level as well because certain species, like seagulls, cannot breathe underwater indefinitely but may soar above the ocean in their place. When playing, it's crucial to remember that everything larger than you can devour you, with the exception of other players of the same species; sharks are an exception to this rule.


How to play

The controls are very basic, you use the mouse to navigate and use space bar to boost forward a limited amount, this can be useful for closing the gap between you and an enemy or allow you to catch up to your prey.


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