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About Dig This

Dig This this is nice puzzle game with physics and sand. Dig a hole in the sand to aid the ball's progress to the finish line. Collect precious stones and excavate the ground until the ball safely enters the goal area. Avoid spikes and other lethal things while attempting to finish all levels in this entertaining online brain teaser from BPTop. Innovative and realistic gravity and ground dynamics make possible an addictive digging game. Bright colors and a warm graphic design make it a delight to confront any obstacle. There is nothing more fulfilling than discovering the illusive answer to each riddle. Each step presents a whole new mechanism or effect that must be used in order to bring the ball to the finish line. Consider the difficulty of directing your ball into the cup. Imagine how challenging it will be to add explosives and colorful balls to the mix!

How to play

Make your way through the mud and into the cup at the end of each level by using simple and straightforward controls.
- Win: The ball successfully fell in the cup

- Lost: The ball did not land in the cup Typically, there is a technique to completing the levels; sometimes you must take advantage of the speed of the item, and sometimes you must cause the object to crash; nonetheless, you can typically solve the levels by using your head. Your intuition is sufficient. can you make it?


• Easy to comprehend.
• Realism-based physics
• 1000 levels lovingly developed.
• Promotes logical reasoning and originality.
• Explore new elements such as explosives and multicolored balls.
• 3D-imagery.
• Solutions are accessible, if you get stuck.

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