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About digdig.io

Digdig.io is a fun game in which you compete for territory with other players in order to grow larger. Join the game and become the most powerful character. Your goal is to dig deep and find water and other resources so that you can grow quickly and strongly. Keep in mind that the red lava will burn you. And avoid opponents who are larger than you because they will immediately swallow you, ending the game and forcing you to restart from the beginning. On the contrary, once the size is large enough and your health and armor are full, go find and fight other players to quickly gain points.

Digdig.io is a simple and easy to play browser game in which you dig dirt to grow. However, there is a twist: if you are bigger than them, you can destroy them and gain a boost, but if they are bigger than you, God bless you.

Tip to play

Move your mouse around and collect water to start growing. There are also other resources that will increase your armor and speed up your growth. Avoid lava because it will deplete your life force. When you reach a certain size, you can begin competing with other players for more points! However, before engaging in combat with other players, keep an eye on your health and armor.

How to play

To direct the grinder in the desired direction, move the mouse cursor.

Alternately, you can utilize the Arrow keys by turning on keyboard support in the settings.

The goals vary depending on the type of match selected. In FFA, grow bigger and fight against smaller opponents to finish them off.

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