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Dinoman.io is a multiplayer arcade game where the main character is a dinosaur that spins around. Your job is to charge the enemy and kill them. Find out about great skills in the game.

The super fun maze arcade game that is similar to Pacman.  In this version, you play as a dinosaur and must move through the maze, avoiding the ghosts and picking up all the food to earn points.

How to play

In this multiplayer arcade game, people start out as either dinosaurs or ghosts. To stay alive and move up the leaderboard, dinosaurs must eat food and stay away from ghosts. Ghosts must use their compass to find dinos and catch them to get points. When a dino eats a powerup, it can get rid of ghosts for a short time.

Control: You never stop moving. Click left to walk and right to run. To become a fake tree, press the space bar. Collect eggs to gain coins and level up.

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