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About Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a bottom-to-top scenario game in which the characters have really amazing flying abilities! However, the additional obstacles are what make this Doodle Jump game challenging! In this high leap Doodle Jump game, you control a four-legged creature named "The Doodler" that ascends the stairs to reach the greatest height possible. The game ends if the Doodler reaches the bottom of the screen. You may increase Doodler's speed during the high jump game by jumping on springs or collecting rockets. Also gather coins to increase your score.

How to play?

Move by tilting left or right, and fire by touching the screen. See why Doodle Jump is a real cultural phenomenon, seen on television, in movies, late at night, and on tour with the world's most popular music acts.
Be advised. This is a really addicting game!
Do not doodle while driving!


There are several fantasy worlds to choose from, like Ninja, Space, Jungle, Soccer, Underwater, Snow, Halloween, Frozen, Easter, and Pirates!
Excellent power-ups (jet packs, boosters, rockets, trampolines...).
strange impediments to avoid (UFOs, black holes and lots of scary monsters)
The platform leaps erratically (breaks, moves, vanishes, morphs, explodes...)
New! - More than 100 tasks with incentives to finish
Global leaderboards, astounding accomplishments! Surpass your peers' scores!

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