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Drawar.io is an online puzzle game in which one player draws a secret phrase while the other players try to guess what it is in real time. Discover your drawing talent as you join other players in the guessing puzzle game Drawar.io! Use drawings to describe given words or guess what others are drawing, enter answers and check answers. Consult with fellow players to find the mysterious word.

Drawar.io is an online drawing and guessing game. There are six players in each competition room. Each player attempts to explain the meaning of the word by sketching drawings on the board and letting their opponents guess it. If you are the one drawing, choose a word and draw it on the board within the time limit. If your opponents are drawing, you must guess the word within the given time frame. Each competition comprises three rounds, and the winner is announced at the conclusion of these rounds.

This is a fantastic sketching io game that can be played online. Participate alongside a large number of other people online and make an educated guess about what they are drawing. When it is your turn, you also have the option of drawing a word and having the other players attempt to guess what it is.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to draw.

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