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About Dupl.io

Dupl.io is a fun and distinctive . io game with an intriguing premise. You must conquer territories by rolling dice on the map. Each die begins with a count of one; as you click on a die, its count grows; when the die's count reaches four, it divides into four new dice. You must continue this procedure and attempt to grow your territory and capture the territories of other players.

Consider where you will arrange your dice as well as existing numbers; as you roll a die, the numbers of dice that are next to it will also change. This game involves intense focus, logical reasoning, and rapid reflexes. Can you roll the dice to become the Dupl master?

How to play dupl.io

Simply click on your blocks (the white dot) to develop and extend them in all four directions. The growth rate is limited to once every second so that you can plan your next strike. To capture enemy tiles, expand onto them. Try to grab level 4 tiles to start a domino effect!


Different hues to begin with
You must click to raise the number and compete with others in this game's clicker component.
Simple gameplay with intense rivalry

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