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Do you like housework? Then Dust Buster.io will provide you with the opportunity to play as a vacuum cleaner. See who can clean up the mess the quickest! Move quickly and consume whatever you come across. The greater your size, the more items you suck. In addition, you may "consume" devices that are smaller than yourself. Amusing and fascinating game to kill time. Utilize the mouse/finger to control the vacuum cleaner. Goal: suck as many items, including your opponent, as possible within the allotted time to win the game.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.

Dust Buster game modes. IO

In online mode, you will collaborate with other players to complete objectives. After the time limit has expired, your score will be compared against that of other players. Then, those with the highest scores will reach the top of the scoreboard. You must also avoid greater vacuums, since they will certainly cause you to vanish.

In offline mode, you are responsible for handling everything yourself. However, you will not have to worry about people making you vanish or vanish. In addition, the size of your character grows quicker in this game mode


- You can fight other online players in ONLINE MODE or play freely in OFFLINE MODE
- Try to unlock fifteen fun designed cleaning tools
- You can also specify the name that you want to use for your cleaning tool
- Easy to play
- Exciting graphics
- Amazing game background design

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