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About Dynast.io

Dynast.io is a survival RPG io game where you have to fight monsters for treasure! Survival RPG game you've never seen before! Begin your voyage by constructing a simple base out of wood and stone, then explore the map in quest of valuable materials or uncommon ingredients.

Beware of roaming monsters that pose a mortal threat, especially at night. As you gain levels, upgrade your base with more advanced constructions, and search for treasures, unusual creatures will arrive. Construct farms and castles, battle monsters, attempt to survive the harsh winter, ride motorcycles and fire crossbows, battle for treasure, and rule the server!

Dynast.io strategy tips

- Ax, Pick Ax, and Club - are your best allies in the beginning, so construct them immediately.
- As you gain levels and strength, search for the gold ore required to create the heart stone, and do not lose your progress after your first death.
- You can make dust hats and hide before other players on the minimap!
- Remember to bring the shield! It significantly improves your chances of surviving!
- Construct traps for animals and other players! - Commence construction on your base and erect archery towers to protect yourself from monsters!
- Do not pursue the riches without first hearing the stone! There are both creatures and other players vying for it!
- Nighttime vigilance is advised if you construct boulders, as nightmares may ensue.
- If you are unprepared, you should avoid traveling during the winter. Indeed, it is really risky.
- You can obtain diamonds by killing werewolves at night; aim to construct a motorcycle, as it will allow you to go more quickly.
- Try to find a team or form a new one, as you will have a greater chance of surviving if you do so!
- The diamond shield and gold hammer are excellent tools for attacking enemy bases.
- The thief's hat will render you invisible at night if you remain still. Use it to accidentally hide from groups of opponents.

How to play

WASD to move.

Mouse to aim.

Left-click to act.

Tab / B / C / P / M - to open inventory / build menu / craft menu / map / team.

Hold shifts while building to build in a row!

Keep shifts while managing your inventory to split the stack!
Ctrl + Left click on the items in the chest to move it between your inventory and your chest.
T throws currently equipped items.
+/- to zoom the camera.
0-9 to select device.
Enter to chat.
P to open the map.

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