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Eldyn is a totally free MMORPG. Welcome to a dark world packed with medieval hack-and-slash action in a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game. Have you got what it takes to augment your skills and take on the evil empire? Can you acquire the necessary weapons, equipment, experience, and talents to conquer the world? Prove it in this entertaining game. Conquer your foes to earn more courage, more bravery to earn more soma, and soma to unlock new abilities. Be cautious, though, since the more courageous the beaten foe, the more courageous you become, and as your bravery improves, so does your head bonus. This is a game of hazardous equilibrium in which strategic thought and tactical action are required. In this fascinating MMO, prove to the ancient gods of Eldyn that you are a force to be reckoned with.
You begin with a spear, rack, and shield, and as you level up, you get access to more potent gear that offer you a strategic edge over your foes. Conquer the areas of Eldyn, and you will gain more bravery with each kill, as well as the allegiance of the locals.

How to play Eldyn

- WASD / Arrows to move
- Left click to use
- Digits 0-9 to use other tools
- Esc to switch menus

You should change the button map in the menu to enable other tools more easily depending on your playing style.

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