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About Evades.io

Evades.io is an io game where you control a person who has to find their way through a dangerous world while avoiding enemies.

How to play

You need to get through different worlds, improve your character, and get good scores to win.

You'll go to different worlds, and each one has its own problems, enemies, and tasks. Getting as far as you can while avoiding enemies is your main goal. You'll meet other people who need to be saved as you play. Save them to make friends and partners who can help you on your journey.

You can play as a new hero every time you beat a world. These heroes have special skills that can help you in later games. You can get more heroes as you take over more worlds.

There are two unique skills that your character has that help them in different scenarios. These skills could be anything from being invisible to being able to travel. Plan how you will use them to beat problems and enemies.

Have fun and good luck!

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