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In the new online multiplayer game Evilgame.io, you have to take over the enemy's ground. Take over neutral lands to make your army bigger.

How to play

The goal is to defeat and control every player on the map. Each gamer has their Base. Defense your Base from the bad guys. You will be a slave if the enemy takes over your Base. At the Base, units are constantly being added. These units become parts of our kingdom when we move them to other parts of the map. If the spot is already taken, units will show up again. You "absorb" all the soldiers in a cell when you click on it.

You have to spend as many soldiers as you see in the enemy territory plus one soldier to defend it to take it over. You need at least 35 soldiers to beat an enemy army of 34. If you get more soldiers, the ones who are still alive will help you attack other targets.

Have fun and good luck!

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