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Extermination io is an excellent shooting game in which each level's enemies must be eliminated. Have you ever played a shooting game where evading is the primary objective? Move our small man as much as possible to watch the opponent, but avoid becoming a target, since they may kill instantaneously if you do. Move exactly so that you may easily target, kill, and earn money from your opponents. Use barriers as cover to avoid an opponent's incoming fire. Finish as many levels as possible and dispatch your enemies. Purchase potent firearms and armor. If you want to modify the level editor to create your own tough levels and share them with your friends, go here. As you continue, you must acquire money and spend it on new weapons and equipment to make your character more powerful and able to live longer.

How to play Extermination io

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Press SPACE to pick up dropped weapons. You may aim with the mouse and fire using the left mouse button.

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