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About Ferals.io

Ferals.io is one of the greatest new io multiplayer games with evolution as its primary concept, which makes it simple to understand why it is so well-liked, as we confirm. We determined that our original version is more relevant to your preferences than typical, which is why we made sure to share it with you all in the first place!

How to play Ferals.io?

Use the mouse to indicate where you want your insect to travel, and use the right and left mouse buttons to conduct two special attacks, dash or move, based on the creature kind and ability type. the powers it has at the present moment.

The objective is to walk about and begin by transforming as a bug before evolving into dragons, who are the ultimate animals. You may input a name and begin playing immediately, or you can build a profile that enables you to purchase amazing items from the shop.

There are also leaderboards, so strive for first place. To develop, you must complete the requirements set to each species, such as consuming strawberries or chicken. As you continue, the tasks get more difficult, but also more enjoyable, as we can assure you.

Let's begin this exciting new multiplayer game that is unlike any other and have fun with other players from across the globe who share your interests.

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