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About Find Cat is one of those basic games that, if given a chance, prove to be immensely addicting. The objective of this browser game is to search through a succession of random images for cats hiding inside the frame. There's no strategy involved and no arcade skills are necessary, but if you think this is a game that internet bots can play, you're mistaken: the cats are sometimes so well-hidden that you have to use your eyes to find them. Arrival might take a few minutes. Indeed, they are. is a pretty simple game that is yet quite entertaining. In other words, this is the ideal game for all casual gamers. See the image, locate the cat, click or tap it, hear a pleasant "meow," and on to the next image. You may also try it while listening to your favorite peaceful music; it works!

This game does not include violent multiplayer combat or need lightning-fast reflexes, unlike many popular IO games. This is a single-player game in which you may take your time, halt at any moment, and continue at any time. You get an infobox displaying the moment you discovered the kitten, however it is up to you to promote your accomplishment on social media. The option to publish about your success on your website is a fantastic method for multiplayer players to enjoy the experience and compete without directly engaging with one other in the game.

How to play

Use the mouse to identify the cat

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