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Flappyroyale.io is a last-one-flapping battle royale game.  You compete with 99 other flappers and try to get as close to as many green pipes as you can before your birdy head hits one of them. Use bonuses and the good things about your character to win.

How to play

Most players don't make it past the first two pipes, so you have a good chance of winning if you last longer than five seconds. Flappyroyale.io is a great example of that "just one more try" feeling. After just one try, you'll be hooked.

If it flaps (or kind of flaps), we tried to include it in the game. This way, you can play as all kinds of animals and get them all dolled up.

Flappy Royale has two ways to play: a free-for-all mode with up to 100 players and a daily top-score mode where players only get a certain number of tries to get through as many pipes as possible.

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