FlyUFO io is a game in which aliens conduct kidnapping operations. is a new multiplayer action game about alien abductions in which the player assumes the role of an extraterrestrial. Control your spacecraft to bring in humans, automobiles, and even larger items. A new alien abduction-themed multiplayer action game in which you play as an alien. Grow by absorbing everything around you and converting it into energy; Compete against other players in real time and reach the top of the leaderboard at the conclusion of each round.

In, many users can compete against one another online. Everyone begins at the same size, but whomever destroys the most items on the map will grow larger and gain strength. The more you consume, the larger constructions you are able to drag and the greater your chances of survival alongside other gamers.

Simple controls of FlyUFO io play a major role in the overall popularity of the game. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag the pointer to the UFO. You can also click WASD and the arrow key to maneuver around the map if you wish to use the keyboard. games may be played in under two minutes, making them a perfect way to pass the time while taking a break from work or school. It is also a browser game, so it can be played on virtually any internet-connected device. If you are prepared to play, simply press the Play button to access for free.

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