In the 3D top-down battle royale game, players control food by using their keyboard and mouse to battle each other.

How to play

To be the final fruit piece standing is the aim of the game. The match is set up for a fight on a chopping board that is placed on the kitchen counter. Above each fruit's head, there will be health and energy indicators. Both will eventually heal (only a little), but you will be eliminated if your health completely disappears. You won't be able to attack until at least one bar is filled if your energy completely runs out.

As long as it is unlocked, you can select the fruit you wish to play from in the lobby. You can spend cash and points earned from playing matches in the shop or unlock rewards. This is necessary to obtain food cards, which are required to upgrade and unlock new food items. Every fruit has a primary weapon that may be utilized at short to long range and has potential side effects.

Have fun and good luck!

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