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About Footix io is a free online multiplayer game. is the sports-themed game for you if you are prepared to put on a pair of shoes, run with thugs, and go for gold.

As you attempt to direct the ball past the keeper's line of sight, you should be ready and have a good time. Your mission is straightforward: beat the goalkeeper. Can you anticipate the actions of the goalkeeper as he moves back and forth? Are you aware of your strength and ability to precisely modify it to place the soccer ball in the upper drawer with the peanut butter? If so, it is time to provide evidence. This scenario is one-on-one with no passing and no collaboration. All glory shall be yours.

Double your score if you hit one of the floating targets behind the grid. In this fast-paced and realistic soccer simulator, overtake the goalkeeper and become the hero. Remember to establish an account to store your data.


How to play

  • WASD = move
  • Right-click = run
  • Left-click = kick
  • Space = slide
  • E = call your teammate

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