About is a fun strategy game in which the player runs about with a hero in search of different sorts of resources. Your primary objective is to get water and protect your base. You will need to construct a variety of pipelines and pumps to get a continuous water supply. All water supplies are limited, thus you must compete with other people that are doing the same thing. Once one pond has been emptied, you must go on to the next. Create a strategic base and preserve as many ponds as possible to collect as much water as possible!
If you devise a plan for doing this, you are certain to succeed! Commence playing and win.

How to play

WASD to move
Left click to place a building/perform an action
Right click on the tube icon to rotate it
Arrow keys to use tool shortcuts


Neat graphics with top-down camera view
Nice technical gameplay to build a system that takes water from the ponds.
Access more tools as you level up

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