About is an arena-based, tactical shooter game. Pick your weapon, your armor, and your color. Attack and defeat other players to earn points, and utilize these points to unlock special skills and bonuses.

When you kill, you can choose to improve your character's attributes and make him or her a powerful combatant by increasing your stats. There is also a specified region on the map that generates XP automatically; nevertheless, this area will be frequented, so be vigilant. offers 21,600 classes in addition to benefits tailored to each play style. Player statistics are recorded and accessible at Can you dominate the arena and emerge as the greatest warrior? Game Tips

You can use map items as cover from enemy fire. You can utilize the fact that your opponents must reload when they run out of ammunition to your advantage. There is a special square in the center of the board whose capture awards participants. You will need to protect yourself against other players, as the square is an extremely hazardous region.

There are many bonuses that can be combined to fit your play style. Some players prefer a run-and-gun strategy, while others choose stealth. Remember that keeping weapons and armor will reduce your mobility. Smaller weapons and lighter armor allow for more mobility.

Each server may accommodate up to 64 users. The map area will automatically expand and contract based on the number of players on the server. This indicates that you need not travel too far to get started. You should be able to survive in the fog for a short time, but don't remain out there for too long! 

How to play

  • Press WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press R to reload
  • Press left mouse button to shoot
  • Press space bar to use advanced power-up

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