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Geometry Dash Online is a free, rhythm-based, side-scrolling platformer. Track your way through in order to preserve the musical dynamics. If you slip up, you must begin again!

Even though it was released seven years ago and its prime has long since passed, Geometry Dash may still be highly addicting. In a time of rampant epidemics, it is not a bad idea to spend some time at home playing Geometry Dash. Enjoy playing the game.

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How to play
In Geometry Dash, the square moves of its own accord. Simply click to jump and use up/down to control the vehicle's direction. The manner in which you avoid obstacles is frequently in time with the rhythm, so put on the music and enjoy the experience!

As you progress through the levels, you will encounter areas that require greater focus due to the introduction of new and fascinating sounds, colours, and skills. It's been a fantastic musical adventure!

In addition to the standard over-the-screen mode, Geometry Dash features a variety of different settings to prevent the game from becoming monotonous.

Those who have passed the level but need to play again to improve their skills have access to the practise room. After completing each challenge in this mode, the player leaves a diamond that serves as a checkpoint. The player will be resurrected at that location each time he loses a life, but only if the level is completed normally.

Another intriguing aspect of Geometry Dash is the option to design your own maps and challenges. Or even generate the map and share it with other players. This function will test your intelligence.


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