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About Go Eat Bomb

You can play Go Eat Bomb with other people, and your monster fish will eat other monster fish to get bigger. Eat cats and other things on the map to get bigger.

How to play

Every monster in the game has a bomb hidden in its stomach, which makes it more fun and dangerous. Watch the monster's eyes. If they are red, the bomb is about to go off. To stop the attack, open your mouth as wide as you can. The blast will pause after that.

In Goeatbomb.io, the goal is to make the monster as big as possible. You need to eat cats and people. You can find bonuses that will help you reach your goal in pills and boxes. An egg is another food you can eat.

You can use the video camera, the iPod, or a Smartphone as a monitor, or the mouse. If you use a video camera, your mind will direct the monster.

Have fun and good luck!

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