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About GoBattle

GoBattle.io is a multiplayer battle io game where you play as a knight and battle against real-time players to become a King. Use your weapons to defeat other knights and earn coins. You can grab different weapons in the arena and pick up potions to restore your health. The coins you earned can be used to upgrade weapons and buy new skins. You should always be careful as there are many opponents coming for you at any time. You can use your shield to take cover. 

The game features 4 different game modes and your mission varies depending on the game mode you choose.

Adventure Mode - Dungeons and Boss battles

King Mode - Free for all - Collect coins to become the king

Damageball - Team mode - Football with a poisonous ball

Battle Royale - There can only be one survivor


  • Various game modes
  • Different skins to choose
  • Boss battles and PvP battles
  • Retro pixel art visual style

Release Date

May 2017


GoBattle.io was developed by NO2 from Barcelona.


Web browsers (Desktop, Android, iOS)

How to play

AD or Left/right arrow key to move.

W or Up arrow key to jump.

S or Down arrow key to take cover.

V for a melee attack.

Space to throw a weapon.

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