About is a multiplayer game of death in which dozens of geese compete for food and territory while attempting to kill each other.'s subject of this game is geese. You are in control of a goose and must eliminate all other geese in the arena in order to become the dominant goose and win the match. If you enjoy playing games of this nature, you should also check out and MiniGiants.

Try your hand at In the free online game, you must compete to become the most lethal goose on the farm. Consume food and collect rewards to transform into a massive flying predator that can decimate the many different players competing on the worker. Guidance Utilize the mouse to direct your geese. Attack is performed with the left mouse button. Run with the right mouse button.

How to play

  • Move your mouse to control the movement's direction
  • Click left mouse button to attack
  • Hold right mouse button to sprint

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