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Granny is a horror arcade game called Ghost Granny with dark colors. With a first-person view, you will be locked in a house with a ghost grandmother. You have 5 days to find your way out of this maze. Can you do it?

Game story

You are in a room that is dark. To get out, you'll have to look around the whole house for keys and other tools. Be careful, though, because Granny can hear everything. If you drop things or step too hard, the ghost grandmother will come and beat you right away. Use weapons you can find around the house to protect yourself. Move quickly and quietly so that the old woman doesn't notice you. The more you try to find something, the more likely you are to find something useful, like a hammer, a magnetic card, a house plan, etc.

You have up to 5 days to get out of this house, which is 5 dangerous trips. Coordinate how things are used in each situation to keep this exciting escape going!


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