About is a multiplayer snake game modeled after, is an excellent game. Players must guide a luminous worm and aim to expand their size in order to defeat other worms on the game board.

How to play

To grow larger, players must consume the glowing dots located throughout the map. Players must act swiftly and remain cautious of approaching enemies, as they will attempt to eliminate them. To defeat their enemies, players must ensnare them and force them to collide with their own body.

You control a worm, eat shiny bits, and grow large enough to eliminate the other worms. Immerse yourself in the glow.
Slither and slide your way around the battleground, munching on glowing orbs to grow bigger. Be a devious little glow worm. Cut other worms in ingenious ways to cause them to crash into your side. If you succeed, you will receive all of the food they collected during their period in the Gulper world.

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