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About Gun Battle

Gun Battle World is a first-person shooter action game featuring 3D visuals and a terrain and character construction style reminiscent to Minecraft. There are several game types and innumerable ways to enhance and personalize your character, but you must begin winning. You may earn money for killing and winning games if you work hard and succeed. Each kill and victory will reward you with a set sum. The winning money will then be used to unlock new skins in the store. Battle Royale and Team 3v3 modes are available in this fun online shooting game. You may also copy the address and invite pals for a more private battle royale experience. Lock, load, and begin playing this entertaining, quick, and high-quality 3-D shooter. Whether you're joining an army of unknown troops from across the web via the MMO engine's built-in games or inviting your closest friends — and deadliest adversaries — you can be certain that will provide you with the greatest challenge of your life.

How to play Gun Battle

If you are playing on a desktop computer, please use the WASD or arrow keys to control your character's movement.
The mouse is used to aim your tile and to fire.
On touch devices utilize touch controllers to maneuver, aim the gun and fire.

Features of the game:

Own 3D graphics
Build minecraft-style characters and sceneries
Several weapon systems available.
Straightforward and conventional controls
Participation in a variety of game formats.

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