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About HappySharks.io

HappySharks.io is an io game with multiplayer support. In this game, sharks compete in a massive underwater arena. Consume plankton and seaweed to develop more quickly and more robustly. Be wary of larger fish, but do not avoid a fair battle. Only one person is capable of overcoming obstacles and dominating the server. Open your mouth wide and prepare to devour your opponents.

How to Play HappySharks.io

The rules are rather easy to understand, especially for those who are not avid gamers. Move the mouse pointer around the screen to control the character's movement. Left-click or use the Space bar to execute a dodging move. This grants a short speed boost that aids in avoiding conflict. The objective is to live, consume food, and become the most powerful monster on the map. Explore the surrounding environment and locate food-rich regions. Avoid larger opponents and focus your attacks on those that are smaller.

Examine a recent entry into the competitive multiplayer scene. Every HappySharks.io game is an unforgettable experience with unexpected twists. Improve your performance with each match and win the first reward.

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