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About HaxBall

The goal of Haxball is to get as many balls as you can to the other team's gates in one round.

How to play

In Haxball, you play on a football team and can direct a single player by giving them your name and number. To start a game, you need to fill out a biography. Then you'll need to find a server that has space or set up your own with the settings you want. You will be able to move your player around the field by crossing your keyboard. When the ball is close to you, hitting the "X" key will let you pass or shoot.

Being a team player is the most important thing. If you pass the ball too much, the better team will have a much better chance of beating the other team's defense and winning the game. Experts in hazball say that you should practice shooting and get good at how to shoot in one direction while moving your person in another.

Have fun and good luck!

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