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About Hex Bois

Hex Bois is a complimentary IO game. The whole universe is comprised of a hexagonal grid, and we are only simpletons who must click, construct, and gradually expand a prosperous kingdom of generators and walls. Existence as we understand it. Our aim is not to protest or question why; rather, we choose generators to construct generators and around it with a wall while attempting to occupy the most land feasible. the more earth the better.
In this game, you must exercise your muscles by putting hexagons. In the game, you will construct hex powerhouses to earn an ever-decreasing amount of points, which you will spend to purchase additional hex items. Would you purchase an additional hex generator, hex wall, or hex tree? Who can say? The answers to such issues are buried inside your mind and will only arise during intense combat.

How to play Hex Bois

Utilizing the WASD keys, observe your surroundings. Utilize the mouse to interact with the UI. Using the scroll wheel, choose the infrastructure piece of interest. The passive brick is the connecting tissue between functions. Money is produced by generators throughout time. Cores are quite costly, yet they accelerate manufacturing. The purpose of walls is to guard against attackers. Upgrade any component with a specified quantity of resources. Left-click on the opponent's domain to attack. To seize an occupied position, neutralise it. Compete with the other players to protect the whole map.

The sheer strength of intelligence is invincible against brute force. Face crafty adversaries in diverse clashes and ascend to the top regardless of the situation. Enjoy Hex Bois without installation for free and have a fun!

Rules for success

Do not endanger any cores or generators.
Reduce the amount of active tiles.
Construct near the edge of the map.

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