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Hexafall.io is a browser multiplayer battle royale game. Inspired by popular games like Fall Guys (Hex-a-gone!) and some classic Minecraft mods, Hexafall.io brings the ultimate fun game you'll ever play on console into the browser mine. I! Your goal in Hexa Fall Battle Royale is to stay on Hexagon blocks and outlive your opponents. Only the best can survive! You will be out when you fall. Tap the blocks to remove them and allow your hexagon to fall to the bottom without rolling and falling out. It will be easy at first, but you need to be very careful in choosing the order in which you remove those blocks! If the tower becomes unbalanced, the blocks will start falling and your hexagon could lose control before you know it!

Your goal in Hexafall.io is to be the last one standing.
Every hex block you touch will disappear after a short time, can you make your enemies fall and stay on the ground strategically?

Move your jelly beans with WASD or Arrow keys and use mouse to rotate the camera.
Use SPACE to jump.

You can block your opponent's path by going through them, destroy blocks they can use, and hold your ground!

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