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Hexanaut.io is a 3D multiplayer snake game for free. Capture totems to gain additional abilities. Wait for a timeout or kill all enemies as if it were a battle royale. The main goal is to become the most powerful player and to live as long as possible. You can also complete some ongoing quests in Hexanaut io to gain extra XP points.

It is critical that you move with caution, avoiding going over your tail at all times, or you will eliminate yourself! You will also need to be extremely fast because if one of your enemies intercepts you in the middle of one of your runs out of your lands, you will perish in an instant. Become king by holding your territory long enough to claim victory and have a good time while competing against players from all over the world!

Outside your base, your player has a snake tail, and you must enclose hexagons to capture territory. Your opponents will not allow you to conquer the arena... Become King and exterminate them all!

Wander outside your territory to draw a shape, then close the loop to capture the enclosed hexagons. Continue capturing hexagons to level up and gain a speed boost. Capture Totems on the map for extra rewards:

  • Speed totem, Teleport gate: instantly teleport to the edge of your territory.
  • Slowing totem: any enemy who enters its effect area is slowed.
  • Spy tower: gives you full visibility on the minimap.
  • To kill other people, cut their tails. You are always safe on your territory, but be wary of your opponents, who will attack you outside of your base.

You don't have to sweat trying to capture the entire map in Hexanaut.io: reach 20% and become the king, then keep your crown for 3 minutes to win! However, be aware that other players will be aware of your position and will seek you out. If you kill them, they won't be able to respawn.

How to play

To move your character, use the mouse.

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