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About Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena is a fun action game in which you take your sharks deep into the ocean. Twenty players will occupy a single arena, and your objective is to consume everything in your path. As this is a battle royale game, your primary purpose is to eliminate all other players and emerge victorious.
Initially, you will only be able to consume tiny fish, but as you age, you will be able to consume many larger animals and even your enemies. You must also avoid impediments that can temporarily stun you. You'll be able to acquire new sharks with the money you earn. Additionally, you can play with your friends, so be sure to invite them. Best of luck!

How to play
Grow up
Feed your shark by consuming other species. Depending on the size of your shark, you can enjoy the best of the ocean's cuisine, from small fish to undersea dives. Near consume food, swim to your target or use the left mouse button to strengthen your attacks.

Eat, kill, and grow. Dominate other players by stabbing them with tusks and consuming their flesh. Continue doing this until you become the most terrifying predator in the ocean. Avoid mines and stay within the shifting bounds.

Fight and spear the opposition while submerged.
Consume their carcasses to grow larger and stronger
Select a unique username to play the game.
Earn gold to acquire new sharks with varying strengths and skills.


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