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About Imperor io enables you to conquer all territories to guide your kingdom to victory. You can earn gold, enhance your citadel and purchase new soldiers. The instruction pace of your soldiers can also be increased. You will conquer the globe, good success!

Long ago, our world was still a vast and uncharted territory, with many lands not belonging to anyone and waiting to be colonized. Great kingdoms used to fight for these territories, and sometimes these battles were rather gory and ruthless. If you’re a fan of that triumphant epoch, you have a chance to lead your own kingdom to glory expanding your authority, recruiting formidable armies and dispatching them to fight for your future homeland. At the same moment, don’t neglect to fortify and defend your own castle!

Click on the castle you want to enhance and drag it to your desired destination. You can level up your soldiers and enhance your citadel to obtain new outfits.

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