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About Infinitris

Infinitris is a game that lets you play Tetris with your friends at the same time. In a Tetris battle, you have to hurry to finish rows of blocks as everything speeds up.

How to play Infinitris 

There are some additional rules that differ from traditional Tetris rules. There are also several game modes.

There are options for both single player and multiplayer. It will start up in multiplayer mode. If you go to the main page, you can switch to other mod options. When you do this, you can't play with other people. If you want to go back to the multiplayer mode, you have to beat the levels in the other modes or refresh the page and start the game over. The goal of the game Tetris is to stack the blocks so that there are no empty spots. When a row is completely full of blocks, those blocks will be taken away. This will make the blocks a little bit lower, giving you more time and space to place them.


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