About is a completely free drawing game. Have you ever wanted to compete in drawing stick figures with friends or foes from all over the world? knows exactly what you want and has delivered it to you! is a drawing game that you can play with your friends. This is a real-time game in which the other players scan your drawing and make educated guesses as you go.

When you guess correctly, it's your turn to draw; it's that simple and that entertaining. Test your friends' skills or impress the legions of strangers who frequent internet game forums. With the number of users available, you'll never be without a worthy opponent. We think you'll enjoy, which is charades for the creatively inclined. Can you figure out the subject of the sketch before the rest of the room? Then, when it's your turn to draw, draw something with your mouse.

Game features:

  • More word topics
  • The redesigned lobby makes it easier to locate a game.
  • Additional game rooms
  • There are no advertisements in-game.

How to play

Please tap and hold with your finger or click and draw with your mouse on a desktop or mobile device. Your task is to either act as the artist or guess what the other players are drawing.

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