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In Juke.io your goal is to take the enemy team's flag. It's a hard job, and traps are waiting for you on the way.

How to play

There are three game types in JukeGame.io: Classic, Collaborative, and Deathmatch.

There are two teams in Classic mode, and each has its base. The enemy has a flag that you need to get and bring to your base. It's a 15-minute game until someone scores 3 points.

As you work together, a golden flag will appear. To break the enemy's defense, you have to bring it to their base. It's the same as sports. You can also win three times before the game ends.

There is also a 15-minute deathmatch. We need to take the flag and hold on to it for 30 seconds. If you do that, you get a point. The first person to get three points wins.

The flag game is played by teams. So you need to plan your moves with the other players. Use a team chat to do this.

Have fun and good luck!


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