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About JumpFall.io

JumpFall.io is a new io game with a variety of unique features. Use the arrow keys to move your block and the spacebar to jump as you navigate through the sky course composed of blocks, avoiding falling into the abyss and avoiding different traps and perils such as lava.

Of course, the largest threats will always be other players, so be cautious around them so they don't drive you down, but if you can minimize competition, do so since you will rise higher in the rankings.

The purpose of the JumpFall.io game is to reach the top of the maze made up of platforms and blocks. Push your opponents off the platform to win this multiplayer game. Have fun and tell your friends about it!

Use the arrow keys to move your block, and after you've decided on a name, jump with space. Holding shift allows you to run faster and jump higher. You must navigate along the blocks with the block while avoiding falling into the abyss and striking lava and other traps and obstacles.

Other players are also dangerous because they can throw you off, but if you can, throw them off instead and climb the leaderboard. Now that you've discovered how simple and wonderful this all is, begin the fun right now, only here, and perhaps invite your friends to come over and compete with you!

Let's start by choosing a name, and remember that you may specifically ask your friends to play as well, and then start jumping and falling together!

How to play

Use the ARROWS keys, spacebar.

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