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Junon.io is a cooperative space station survival game in which you must build and defend your colony from the evil Empire. To begin, you must mine asteroids for ores while also maintaining a supply of food, water, oxygen, fuel, and power.

As a player, you are stranded in the Asteroid Belt Junon, and your goal is to rebuild a colony and defend it from the evil "Empire," which will send troops to raid your base on occasion. Health, oxygen, stamina, and hunger are all important survival factors. There is also a sandbox mode with no raids and access to commands for roleplaying, base building, and a variety of other purposes.

Initially, you will be constructing bases, which will necessitate the extraction of resources such as iron ore. You'll also need enough water, food, oxygen, and fuel, as well as a few other necessities for space life. You can later begin purchasing machines that will assist you in automating everything. Because this is a cooperative game, your goal will be to work together as a team. Try not to let anyone down by being helpful to the team effort. The game is entertaining, so give it a shot!

Survival in Junon.io is a little more difficult than the regular sandbox mode. If you do not pay your taxes on time, your base will be raided, adding time pressure and an incentive to cultivate and acquire more resources. Of course, fortifying your defenses is also a good idea. The goal of the hardcore mode is to last as long as possible under the constant pressure of daily raids.

How to play

  • WASD - to move
  • Number keys - change equip
  • Space bar/mouse click - use current equip
  • C - craft
  • I - inventory
  • R - rotate
  • E - interact
  • M - map
  • P - colony

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