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About Kazap.io

Kazap.io is a fast-paced game where people fight with small airplanes called "dogfights." 

How to play

When you start a Kazap.io game, you'll be in a 2D space world as a small rocket. The goal is to get energy orbs so that you can get stronger and bigger.

There are energy orbs all over the game area. To get them, move your spaceship over them. The more energy you collect, the bigger and stronger your ship will get.

You can fight other players' planes by shooting at them. Point your mouse at enemies and press and hold the left mouse button to shoot. Because you gain power and energy, your shots will get better over time.

When you play with other people, you can beat bigger opponents faster. Plan your moves and strikes to get around stronger players and beat them.

Have fun and good luck!


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