About is a free IO game. It is advised that you play because it is both a cargo gathering game and a sea battle simulation game. Additionally, it is a multiplayer sailing game that has 3D game art animation. You begin the game on one of two teams, each of which is identified by a different color, and you take control of a ship equipped with a gun that sails around the map destroying other ships. If you wish to steer your raft in a certain way, you may instruct the cannon to move into a variety of positions, which will tilt the raft in the desired direction. When you have amassed a sufficient number of crates, you may transport them to the island and sell them for money in order to purchase further supplies and ships. This is a wonderful game to play with others or even by yourself since, in its original format, you may manually disassemble a fleet if you are skillful enough to do so. Keep your cool and enjoy yourself while playing!

How to play

Use WASD keys and mouse. Left click with mouse to shoot.

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