About KRUNT.IO is a new Battle Royale IO game in which you must loot other players, build a base, farm resources, kill your opponents, and avoid the storm. Are you able to acquire the Victory Royale? You will be able to participate in an exciting battle from the start. You can also participate in the game and play Krunt io with your friends for free. There are numerous individuals playing this game online, so you can always find a partner. Thus, all players have an equal chance of success. Even if you have never played a game like this before, it will not take more than a few minutes to become familiar with the controls and fundamentals.

How to play

E - Interact with terrain objects, chests, and vehicles
Left button of the mouse - to fire
P - Change to building mode to construct walls (you will need to use the left button to build the wall)
Space - Jump repeatedly in houses
R - Load your weapon again
M - Consult the map and make preparations to close the zone
1 to 6 - Change weapons, or use the mouse wheel to change weapons
You can drop and move your inventory by clicking on the weapon and dragging it to the desired location.

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