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About Last Mage Standing

Last Mage Standing is a fantasy action RPG with a rapid pace. Last Mage Standing does not require account creation or login. You will battle against the most players in the game, and your objective is to achieve the best score or be the last player standing.

Last Mage Standing offers a variety of modes that will appeal to all players:
Battle Royale (1-3 players) - PvP: Fight for survival in an epic last mage or combat royale multiplayer battle. Acquire hidden magical skills in a variety of locales while competing against hundreds of other players, either alone or in teams.

Tower Defense (1-4 players) - PvE: Assemble a team of up to four people to defend the crystal from waves of foes. Cooperatively construct traps and automatic defences to secure victory!

Hold Gold (1-2 players) - PvP: In this fast-paced mode, obtain the most gold. Expect a rapid turnaround as you and your crew fight for survival. Upon defeat, your gold will be confiscated. Stand your stand and turn failure into victory!

Guide play
Utilize the mouse and function keys, or see the in-game manual.


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