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About Lay Eggs

Lay Eggs is a game that combines a stacking game and a side-scrolling game. Control the bird and grow in height to avoid obstacles. Your task is to try to go as far as possible. Since this game is played in portrait mode, it works best on phones. It could be called a puzzle game that you can touch. It's a casual game because the puzzles are easy.

The chicken wants to go home, but there are a lot of things in the way. Can you help the bird safely get home?

How to play

Help the chicken get home by laying eggs through walls and obstacles. Just touch the screen or click the mouse to increase or decrease your number of eggs. When you pass each level, you will get the perfect amount of bonuses so you can unlock new skins in the shop. Continue to advance through the levels and become the highest scorer.

Control: Click or tap to spawn

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