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Lordz2.io is a medieval-themed multiplayer.io game created by Spinbot Studio. In this game, players must capture and grow their area. Construct the largest army possible to dominate the map and conquer new areas in order to grow your empire and unlock the most powerful HEROES. Strategy is essential; ensure that every soldier counts!

W, A, S, or D or the Mouse Control: Move
Click wherever: Attack the nearest structure
Click on a structure: Attack this structure
E or Click Right: Turn on Power Space: Split
B: Build menu, U: Unit menu, F: Formation menu, Y: Unit upgrading menu, V: Bonus video menu,
Alter your form, M: Display Minimap; L: Display Leaderboard
Enter: Open Chat
Esc: Pause Menu

First, construct a castle. The Units (U) Menu allows you to recruit basic Units once you have a Castle.
Construct a Stable to receive Cavalry units, an Academy to receive Mages, and a Monster Temple to obtain Dragons.
Construct Forge to gain access to Unit Upgrades.
Build and upgrade Archer Towers or Mage Towers to guard your base, and encircle it with a Great Wall for added security!
You can acquire additional Gold and Victory Points by destroying the structures of other players. If you acquire enough Victory Points, Conquest Mode will unlock new areas.

HINT: Use the Formation mechanism to place your troops within your own army. What if, for instance, you want your archer to be in the center of the army to protect your hero, or on the edges of the army to have more range?


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